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The REST API lets you integrate with applications using simple HTTP methods, in either XML or JSON formats, making this an ideal API for developing mobile applications or external clients. also supports Apex REST, which lets you create Web services on using Apex.


Consider the following benefits of using the REST API in your integrations:

  • Ubiquitous access: Use standard HTTP method call-outs, available on every language and platform, to make requests and retrieve information from
  • Standards-based security: Utilize the OAuth protocol for authenticating your REST calls.
  • Data model: Gain access to the same data model and standard objects as those in SOAP-based Web services.
  • Flexible formats: Serialize data in either the XML or JSON format.

This page is the primary resource page for the REST API.

Recommended REST API Learning Path

To begin learning about the REST API, follow this path.

  1. REST API Quick Start
  2. Getting Started with the REST API
  3. Creating REST APIs using Apex REST

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