The platform is the world's leading on-demand platform. You can develop and deploy your application on the platform without any software, or server hardware. Equally as important, other organizations could use your application with the same transparency. provides a marketplace to re-sell your application to others - AppExchange. You can list your application on AppExchange for others to use, and make money from the fruits of your labor.

To offer your application on AppExchange, you have to follow three basic steps -

  • Package your application. The packaging process puts your application into a form where others can install the application in their organizations. More information on packaging your application.
  • List your application. Listing enters your application into the AppExchange, where others can discover it. Your listing can include marketing materials as well as the ability to take a 'test drive' of your application. More information on preparing a listing for your application.
  • Certify your application. To insure the safety of your application for others, you will have to have the Application Review Board certify your application before you can resell it on AppExchange. More information on certification.

With these three steps, your application is ready for others to purchase on AppExchange.