Service Cloud Snap-Ins for Mobile Apps



Service Cloud Snap-ins for Mobile Apps provide you with a lightweight SDK so you can give customers access to powerful Service Cloud features right from within your native mobile app. Display Knowledge articles in your app; let customers create and manage Cases; provide real-time chat with agents using Live Agent Chat; add video chat and screen sharing using SOS. The Salesforce Service SDK abstracts all the backend complexity and empowers developers to focus on embedding a seamless customer service experience into your mobile app. Get your app working with this SDK in hours, not weeks.

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Release Notes

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Trailhead & Examples

Check out our fun Trailhead learning module.

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Developer's Guide

Check out the Service SDK developer's guide for setup instructions, tutorials, and instructions on how to use the SDK.

Reference Docs

Check out the Service SDK reference docs for detailed, reference information about the API.

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Download the latest version of 214 (214.0.4, September 2018):

Download the latest version of 212 (212.0.4):

These patches include important compatibility fixes for iOS 12.

You can also install the SDK using CocoaPods. See the installation instructions to learn more.

Android SDK

Latest version: Sept 2018 Release (214.0.2)

You can install the Android SDK using Gradle. To install the SDK, refer to the installation instructions in the developer's guide.

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The Service SDK contains four major feature areas.



Whether for customer self-service or to enable agents to find the right answer faster, Knowledge is a great way to provide exceptional customer care. Our easy-to-customize UI gives a seamless customer experience that provides a data category view, an article list view, and the ability to search for articles.


Case Management

Whether creating cases or managing current interactions between your customer and brand, the Case Management SDK is an ideal way to empower customers with a dedicated service channel. The SDK supports guest users and authenticated use cases, managed case list view, and the ability to comment on a case.


Live Agent Chat

Engage your customers and prospects online in real time. Deliver answers quickly, and say hello to your future customers. Benefit from robust features like minimized/maximized chat views, presence indicators, and file transfer. Leverage the power of Service Cloud by reusing the same agent configuration for web and mobile.



SOS changes the way you provide in-app mobile support. The SOS SDK lets you add live agent video support, screen sharing, and on-screen guided assistance to any native app. Your app connects customers directly to agents in the Service Cloud Console. Easily drop SOS into your native app with just a few lines of code.