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Streaming API

The Streaming API lets you expose a near real-time stream of data from the platform. Streaming API delivers events that are either tied to changes in Salesforce or based on custom payloads. Administrators can create topics, to which applications can subscribe, receiving asynchronous notifications via the Bayeux Protocol. Streaming data made simple, secure, and scalable.


Note: For existing apps that poll the SOAP or REST API to detect changes, you should consider refactoring it to use the Streaming API for better performance and lower resource consumption.

This page is the primary resource page for the Streaming API.

Recommended Streaming API Learning Path

To begin learning about the Streaming API, follow this path.

  1. Trailhead: Use Streaming API (part of the API Basics module)
  2. Introduction to Streaming API
  3. Streaming API Visualforce Page Sample
  4. Getting Started with the Streaming API

Dreamforce Sessions

  1. Durable Streaming and Enterprise Messaging (DF 2015)
  2. and Heroku: Building a Connected System Through Platform Events (DF 2016)

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