Tech Talk: New Features in the Winter '10 Release Preview


The monthly Tech Talk Webinar Series covers introductory and advanced platform topics. This special webinar looks at the new features coming in the Winter '10 release. It's in two parts - the first part covers many of the upcoming features in the platform, while the second part takes a look at what's new in the Salesforce CRM Cloud Apps.

Watch the platform webinar, and learn about:

  • Batch Apex – powerful batch asynchronous Apex processing
  • Bulk API – fast and scalable data loading
  • Custom Settings – create and manage global custom application metadata

Watch the Salesforce CRM Cloud Apps webinar, and learn about:

  • Inspector – drill-down charts
  • Quoting
  • Dynamic campaign viewing

Date: This webinar took place on September 15, 2009

Here are the webinars together with a set of resources:

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Presenters Part 1: platform

Sarah Franklin
Platform Marketing Manager

Andrew Albert Evangelist

Presenters Part 2: Applications

Viviana Padilla Senior Manager

Sati Hillyer Evangelist