by DreamOps Crew.

Tech Talk Tuesday features enterprise-grade webinars from thought leaders throughout the software development technoverse. Check in regularly for the best of the best!

Talks 2016

  • 26-Jul-2016 -- Machine learning is a powerful tool for building smarter software. Today we will look at series of videos put together by the Google Developers to learn how we can begin leveraging Machine Learning ourselves. -- Google Machine Learning Recipes
  • 28-Jun-2016 -- Today we will watch the second part of the Mastering Lightning Framework session from the TrailheaDX developer conference. Part 2 focuses on building the underlying logic of lightning components with Apex and Javascript. -- Mastering Lightning Framework - Part 2
  • 21-Jun-2016 -- Today we will be watching a video on the Salesforce Lightning Framework from the recent Salesforce TrailHeaDX developer conference. The video is the first of a two part series which takes an in depth look at the Lightning Framework. Part 1 focuses on the structure of lightning components, component architecture, and component implementation. -- Mastering Lightning Framework - Part 1
  • 31-May-2016 -- This Google Tech Talk is about writing more testable code. Misko Hevery goes over several good practices for writing code that is easier to test. He also discusses why our intuition of testing is often wrong and how we can shift the way we view testing the code we write. -- How To Write Clean, Testable Code
  • 10-May-2016 -- This video looks at a new part of Heroku Enterprise called Private Spaces. Private spaces offer a dedicated runtime environment for storing data that can be connected with other systems. This video will cover the basics of Private Spaces and go over the benefits of using them with Salesforce. -- Diving Into Heroku Private Spaces
  • 26-Apr-2016 -- Lea Verou will break down the syntax used for regular expressions. She begins by going over the basic regex syntax that most of us are familiar with. She then focuses on more advanced regex statements and progressively breaks down the more complicated yet more powerful regex that some of us shy away from. -- Demystifying Regular Expressions
  • 12-Apr-2016 -- This Google Tech Talk focuses on the importance of quality API design. Josh Bloch talks about the power of a well-designed API and goes over some best practices to keep in mind when developing your own API. -- How to Design A Good API and Why it Matters
  • 22-Mar-2016 -- This talk focuses on the Salesforce BigObject and AsyncSOQL pilot features and how they will change the way we analyze massive amounts of data on the Salesforce platform. -- Unleash the Potential of Big Data
  • 8-Mar-2016 -- Alan Watkins breaks down the physiological barriers that prevent us from performing at our best each day. In this TED talk titled, "Being Brilliant Every Single Day", he will talk about how the human mind and body respond to different stimuli and go over the ways that we can stay in control no matter what the world throws at us. -- Being Brilliant Every Single Day by Alan Watkins
  • 1-Mar-2016 -- Rich Hickey discusses the importance of simplicity in software systems and different type of agility that we don't hear about to often, Architectural Agility. That is, the ability for us to adapt our software to do new things or do old things better. -- Rails Conf2012 - Simplicity Matters by Rich Hickey
  • 23-Feb-2016 -- This talk focuses on eliminating cognitive biases which suggest that some people are naturally gifted programmers. Angelina Fabbro will talk about ways that we can all grow from intermediate programmers to experts! -- JavaScript Masterclass by Angelina Fabbro

Talks 2015

  • 1-Dec-2015 -- Building reliable asynchronous code with Queueable Apex. The previous feature, Future Calls, did not provide a way to reliably run async code. Queueable apex is a strategy developers can leverage to speed up the end user experience. -- Build Reliable Asynchronous Code with Queueable Apex (YouTube Video)
  • 3-Nov-2015 -- The new Platform Cache feature in Salesforce! Caching can be used by both product and implementations, and has the opportunity to speed up your application! -- Platform Cache (YouTube Video)
  • 20-Oct-2015 -- A favorite talk from #DF15. See how Salesforce's Director of PM and UX gathered requirements and refined the design of their new Business Intelligence features. -- How to Add Intelligence to Your Product Design (Salesforce Video)
  • 30-Jul-2015 -- Regardless of a team's experience or background knowledge, saying "I have no clue how to build this, but I think it will take x time" wrecks software estimates. Great insight from a talk we highly recommend for anyone who works with software, both technical and non-technical. Its funny, inspiring, and encourages us to ask hard questions on if we are building software the right way. -- Greg Wilson - What We Actually Know About Software Development, and Why We Believe It’s True (Vimeo)
  • 27-Jan-2015 -- Advanced Apex Enterprise Patterns. The presentation includes: using fieldsets in Selectors, supporting object and field security, writing unit tests with Mocks, and writing Application Factories and generic Services. -- Advanced Apex Enterprise Patterns (Dreamforce Video)

Talks 2014

  • 30-Dec-2014 -- Fonteva's (MemberNation) CTO on Custom Metadata Types. In pilot for Spring 15, it allows us to create our own packageable and upgradeable metadata types. This could be huge. Fonteva "claims" they rewrote an framework to work with Custom Metadata types in 2.5wks that originally took 19 months to develop. -- Build Your Own Platform on (Dreamforce Video)
  • 17-Jun-2014 -- DF '12 video on Message Queues and how Salesforce uses them internally. Message Queues allow for systems to interact asynchronously and without knowing about each other's implementation. This creates a highly decoupled and extensible architecture. Message Queues at Salesforce (YouTube Video)
  • 24-Mar-2014 -- Writing a Massive Angular App at Google from ng-conf 2014. This video covers best practices employed by Google to build a large scale enterprise apps in AngularJS. Writing a Massive Angular App at Google NG Conf (YouTube Video)
  • 10-Feb-2014 -- Using Custom Settings in Triggers/Classes for Deployment Code-Path Control. Ian Zepp from roundCorner presents on how they use custom settings to deploy new features with their multi-level managed package. roundCorner deals primarily with Non-Profit Recurring Donations. -- Using Custom Settings in Triggers/Classes for Deployment Code-Path Control (YouTube Video)