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Visual Workflow

Visual process tools and wizards make it second nature to add complex business logic to your apps, and to make changes as your business evolves. Visual Workflow, built using's Cloud Flow Designer, lets you visually string together one or more forms, business rules, and calls to backend APIs to implement a complete business process without writing code.


Visual Workflow enables you to automate business processes across your organization. For example:

  • call scripting for inbound or outbound call centers
  • diagnostics & troubleshooting guides
  • guided data entry processes to reduce errors & training costs
  • product configuration
  • sales quotations
  • guided selling with sales methodologies
  • employee on-boarding

You can deploy flow processes to users in your org, as well as to external users through Customer Portal or Sites.

This is the primary resource page for learning all about visual workflow.

Recommended Visual Workflow Learning Path

  1. Establish Business Logic
  2. Cloud Flow Designer Workbook

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