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Visualforce is a Web-based framework that lets you quickly develop sophisticated, custom UIs for desktop and mobile apps. Using native Visualforce markup and standard Web development technologies like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery, you can rapidly build rich UIs for any app.

Use Visualforce to extend Salesforce’s built-in features, replace them with new functionality, and build completely new apps. Use powerful built-in standard controller features, or write your own custom business logic in Apex. You can build functionality for your own organization, or create apps for sale in the AppExchange.

Visualforce app development will seem familiar to anyone who has built web apps. Developers create Visualforce pages by composing components using markup, and optionally adding HTML and CSS styling elements. Like HTML, Visualforce accepts JavaScript and related JS frameworks allowing you to create animated, responsive and visually rich user interfaces. Each page is accessible by a unique URL. When someone accesses a page the server performs any data processing required by the page, renders the page into HTML, and returns the results to the browser for display.

Recommended Visualforce Learning Path

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Trailhead is the fastest way to learn how to build custom UIs with Visualforce. You can also test your knowledge and earn badges.

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