Webinar: Advanced Testing & Debugging Using the Developer Console

Recorded April 3, 2013

The Developer Console is your one-stop shop for developing on the Force.com platform. This application allows you to author and debug Apex code, create Visualforce pages, run tests on your programmatic artifacts, and to inspect your org data via query.

Watch this deep dive into the comprehensive debugging, profiling, and testing capabilities of the Developer Console:

  • Learn how to run tests using the Developer Console
  • See how to examine log results using the Developer Console
  • Understand how to analyze the performance of your org’s operations
  • Learn about checkpoints, the Force.com equivalent of breakpoints, for debugging
  • Explore the query editor functionality to get better access to your data

This webinar is geared towards intermediate to advanced Apex developers.


Next Steps

  • Sign up for a free Developer Edition Org to experiment with the Developer Console (NOTE: the version demoed in this video will be live in the Summer '13 release).


  • Josh Kaplan - Senior Product Manager @joshsfdc
  • Tony Tonev - Software Engineering MTS