Webinar: Building Cloud Apps using Agile Methodology and Tools

Agile development practices increases productivity and predictability in application development. Join us and learn firsthand from Agile practitioners on how they are speeding their development cycles and developing in ways that are aligned with business and customer needs.

Date: This webinar took place on April 5, 2011

This webinar covers:

  • The principles of agile development
  • Salesforce.com’s transformation to Agile
  • CA Agile Vision, built on Force.com


  • View the recorded webinar on YouTube and Download the slide deck.
  • To read more about Agile Developer at salesforce.com, start with the Agile Whitepaper.
  • Learn about the CA Agile Vision product, community and a free 30 day trial.


  • Steve Greene - VP of Program Management & Agile Development, Salesforce.com
  • Sue Vickers - Principal Product Manager for CA Agile Vision, CA Technologies