Webinar: Elevate Your Career as a Cloud Developer

Date: This webinar took place on August 15, 2012

Force.com is the leading cloud platform that enables you to build applications with ease. Rapid adoption of the cloud is driving a huge demand for cloud developers. How can you gather the required developer skills to move to the next stage in your career? Check out this discussion with salesforce.com and Hire On-Demand, a cloud staffing firm, plus a panelist of developers on the job landscape and opportunities for Force.com developers.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • How Facebook uses Force.com and their staffing needs
  • Projects that drive demand for talent
  • Your next career path options

This webinar is for those considering a Force.com career as well as for experienced Force.com Developers looking to advance their career.


Next Steps


  • Kim Wallins - Principal, Hire On-Demand @hireondemand
  • Kevin Shuk - Force.com Developer, Palantir Technologies @surfous
  • Mike Leach - Force.com MVP, Facebook @dlog