Webinar: Extreme Salesforce Data Volumes

Following best practices can help ensure your success. This is especially true for Force.com applications or large Salesforce orgs that have the potential to push platform limits.

Salesforce allows you to easily scale up from small to large amounts of data. Mostly this is seamless, but as data sets get larger, the time required for certain operations may grow too. Join us to learn different ways of designing and configuring data structures and planning a deployment process to significantly reduce deployment times and achieve operational efficiency.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Explore best practices for the design, implementation, and maintenance phases of your app's lifecycle.
  • Learn how seemingly unrelated components can affect one another and determine the ultimate scalability of your app.
  • See live demos that illustrate innovative solutions to tough challenges, including the integration of an external data warehouse using Force.com Canvas.
  • Walk away with practical tips for putting best practices into action.

Intended Audience:

This webinar is perfect for Salesforce or Force.com architects and developers that want to better understand data management best practices to ensure both short and long-term implementation success. Although many topics focus on large data volumes, the recommendations in this presentation are equally relevant to smaller orgs.




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  • Steve Bobrowski - Software Engineering PMTS @sbob909
  • Bud Viera - Software Engineering LMTS @aavra