Webinar: Heroku Postgres Cloud Database

Date: This webinar took place on August 23, 2012

Never worry about servers. Never worry about config files. Never worry about patches. Simply focus on your data with Heroku Postgres.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, reliable, and durable open-source SQL-compliant database. Now available as a fully-managed cloud database from salesforce.com, Heroku Postgres reduces the costs and administrative overhead compared to operating your own database. You can even create a database instance within seconds with a single click.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • When to use Heroku Postgres versus Database.com
  • What data you can and should store in Heroku Postgres
  • Architecting your application with Heroku Postgres
  • How to efficiently share data in your organization with Dataclips
  • How to take advantage of features such as Fork and Follow to scale


Next Steps


  • Matt Soldo - Director of Product Management, Heroku Postgres @mattsoldo
  • Craig Kerstiens - Product Marketing Manager, Heroku Postgres @craigkerstiens