Webinar: Intro to Apex Code

Date: This webinar took place on July 24, 2012

Whether you are an experienced programmer or a salesforce.com administrator, Apex can help you get more out of the Force.com platform. Apex is the programming language of Force.com; it allows you to go beyond the point-and-click framework to add specialized and complex logic to your applications.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • How administrators with no programming knowledge can write simple Apex triggers to complete their applications
  • How programmers can utilize Apex to build complete application logic
  • How programmers can use Apex to integrate Force.com applications with other systems


Next Steps


  • Josh Kaplan - Senior Product Manager, salesforce.com @joshsfdc
  • Sandeep Bhanot - Senior Developer Evangelist, salesforce.com @cloudysan