Date: This webinar took place on July 12, 2012 is the leading cloud platform that enables you to build applications with ease in record time with friendly point-and-click tools.

The pace of business is moving fast and work is challenging you in new ways. Your job requires that you customize & fine-tune your applications to meet the needs of your business. Applications such as Excel and Access just don't cut it anymore. Complex spreadsheets and unwieldy databases can slow you down, but there is a better way that is simple and powerful. With you can be productive immediately.

Be part of the movement and point-and-click your way to effective business solutions.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How easy it is to build a cloud app to solve business problems
  • What steps to take to quickly translate your business expertise into new automated processes
  • Why's point-and-click tools will pave the way to greater efficiency in your business


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  • Shannon Hale - Senior Product Manager, Declarative Apps, @shannonsans
  • Samantha Ready - Developer Evangelist, @samantha_ready