Webinar: Salesforce Identity: Identity Management Made Easy

The explosion of enterprise apps has made managing access and identity difficult. To accelerate app adoption, users need a simple social identity solution, similar to the one consumers enjoy on social networks such as Facebook, and enterprises need a trusted, standards-based way to manage access to all of these apps. Salesforce Identity, announced recently at Dreamforce 2012, simplifies security management by delivering Identity and Access Management (IAM) services for Web and mobile apps with complete transparency and the trust of the Salesforce Platform. In this webinar, we'll give you all the details and then demo single sign-on, access management, and provisioning for your Web and mobile apps.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How identity is pre-integrated across apps, so users can log in once and access all of their apps.
  • How identity-enabled social Chatter feeds let apps push important information to users, and allow users to access apps from posts.
  • How administrators can centrally manage apps and users through automated, highly flexible provisioning workflows.


CodeTalk Q&A



  • Chuck Mortimore - Senior Product Management Director @cmort
  • Pat Patterson - Developer Evangelist @metadaddy