Webinar: Security in the Cloud

Date: This webinar took place on Feb 23, 2012

Authentication, authorization, and data access controls are standard requirements for most data-centric apps. And in a traditional client-server environment, these are often the most time-consuming features to implement, even for experts. In this session, you'll learn about Database.com's unique approach to user authentication with OAuth, user types, and a built-in and flexible data sharing model.

Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Common authentication patterns such as OAuth and SAML
  • How functional access controls provide simple administration of a user's permissions
  • How record-level access provides granularity of control at enterprise scale
  • How all three authorization and authentication patterns work together to do most of the work for you



  • Chuck Mortimore - Senior Product Management Director
  • Adam Torman - Senior Product Manager, User Administration
  • Bud Vieira - Senior Product Manager, Sharing