Visual Workflow Webinar FAQ

Q: When is the new Cloud Designer available
A: The Cloud Designer is available with the Winter '12 Release. You can get Flow this week by signing up for a Developer Org. To get Flow enabled in your Production or Sandbox org, please contact your AE.

Q: How will I know if I have Visual Workflow in my org?
A: If you have Visual Workflow enabled, under Setup-> Admin Setup-> Create -> Workflow & Approvals, you should see Flows.

Q: Is there documentation out there for Visual Workflow?
A: Yes, we will post links to documentation and resources. We also have an online workbook which you can use to build various types of Flows step-by-step.

Q: What options are there for deploying flows? (From a sandbox to production for instance)
A: When the Cloud Designer GA's - targeted for Spring '12 we will be releasing a MetaData API, Changesets & Packaging. You can use Changesets to move Flows from Sandbox to Production orgs once this feature is released.

Q: Can this be used for the customer portal?
A: Yes, Flows can be deployed publicly on both Sites and Portals for customers.

Q: Can you add a Save button so the Flow waits for the user to come back?
A: This is not currently possible, but we are going to be building in State for Flows in the future which will allow the Flow to Start, Stop and Save.

Q: Can you call apex code from Flow?
A: Yes, there is an Apex Plugin Infrastructure in Flow that allows you to call Apex classes.

Q: Can stylesheets be applied to the Flow UI?
A: Yes, the way that Flow UI is customized is by using a Visual Force page where you could implement CSS, or other styling.

Q: Is there a cost for the new Flow Designer or is it a free feature in Winter '12? Is there a cost for Visual Workflow overall?
A: Flow is an add-on that requires a user feature license. Contact your AE for pricing and current promotions. You can also access it most immediately and free via a Developer Org.

Q: Can you save a Flow as Draft and pick it up to work on later?
A:Yes, the beauty of the Flow designer is that it was built to enable iteration. You can even use Steps as placeholders for Elements you haven't implemented yet and still Save and Run the flow.

Q: Can I use dependent pick lists on a Flow screen? We've been trying to use Flow at a number of clients and that has been the biggest hurdle so far, dependent picklists with large amounts of choices in them.
A: Dependent picklists are not currently supported but are on the roadmap for future development. This is a commonly requested feature and is a high priority in our roadmap.