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Welcome to the Winter '08 Preview Page for Developers. Here you will find the latest information on what's new and hot for developers in the Winter '08 release, including some key coders-only technologies you can get your hands on through the Dreamforce Developer Preview.

For a sneek preview, DFC members can sign up for a prerelease org here. Be sure to select Developer Edition to get special developer features enabled. Also check out the Admin Preview page for new non-developer specific features.

Application Framework

  • Inline editing
  • Relational business rules
  • Report enhancements
    • Floating report headers
    • Reports on reports and dashboards
    • Other report enhancements
  • Workflow debugging
  • Tasks for multiple users and groups
  • Printable lists

Web Services API

  • File based metadata API - Developer Preview
  • SOAP based metadata API
  • HTTP Callouts
  • More SOSL Enhancements

Apex Code

  • New Apex Code Language Types
  • New Verbs: SendEmail, Approvals, and more
  • Email2Apex, invoke Apex code based on an inbound email


  • Controller extensibility, powerful ability to extend standard controllers with specific user developed functionality.
  • Several New Components, some name changes here, existing code may need to be updated!
  • Controller System.Debug() statements written to ApexDebug Log, very handy for debugging your controller or page
  • Static resources can loaded and referenced by Visualforce
  • Content type specification for extending pages into other output formats

Database Services

  • Personal tagging
  • Encrypted custom fields
  • Enhanced Rollup Summary Fields