The Salesforce1 Platform gives organizations the freedom to innovate. Providing open APIs for extensibility and integration as well as powerful developer tools, there’s no limit to what developers can build.

Below you can read how customers use the Salesforce1 Platform.

Orchestrate relevant and targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns

Effective marketing communications is as much a technology problem as it is a marketer's dilemma. It involves highly sophisticated multi-channel interactions, tied to precise audience segments, aimed to deliver the right message at the right moment. Learn how the Salesforce1 Platform helps you build targeted campaigns.

Create seamless interaction between customer and employee facing apps

Consumers are increasingly interacting with products and brands using digital mediums like social networks, websites and mobile apps. However, many organizations have disconnected systems for customer facing and employee facing apps. Learn how the Salesforce1 Platform helps you get a complete view of your customer.

Enable employees to access corporate data from anywhere

Most organizations have considerable investment in backend systems and custom applications. These systems often perform current functions well, but are difficult and costly to create new apps, especially for mobile. Learn how our new API functionality helps connect employees with existing systems and applications.

Analyze real-time data from connected devices

Devices are increasingly sharing data back to businesses on usage and habits. The Salesforce1 Platform provides reporting and dashboard functionality including Analytics APIs for aggregating this data, and representing it on mobile devices to make decisions in real-time. Learn how you can improve customer experience with real-time data.

Create mobile apps that drive employee productivity

Today’s business environment requires data to be available on mobile devices. However, enterprise mobile app strategies often fail by trying to replicate existing systems on a mobile phone or tablet. Build apps that improve employee productivity on mobile devices.

Evolve identity and data security beyond the perimeter

Modern identity management solutions must support more than traditional perimeter based authentication. They need to offer a single, simple, and trusted way to manage authentication and authorization of on premise systems, cloud-based offerings, and, ever increasingly social and mobile applications. Learn how.