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On this episode, welcome Robert Sösemann as we discuss static code analysis. Rob was first introduced to me as the godfather of static code analysis for Apex as he is the founder and organizer of the Apex module for PMD, a tool for analyzing code quality, for developers. He is dedicated to this tool and helps contributors get started with it.

During our conversation, we discuss key elements of code development, including speed, agility and, most importantly, quality. That is where PMD comes into play as an analyzer that checks code. This tool can help us all become better developers, so listen in to hear Rob’s story of how he got started with Salesforce and how things have advanced over the years.

Show highlights

  • How Rob got started with and the differences between Java development and Apex development at the time
  • The fact that while speed and agility are important, maintaining code quality is the most important aspect of development
  • What kind of tool PMD is and what it can do for developers
  • Using a static code analyzer in a project is the perfect start to getting quality discussion started within development teams
  • The need for something like a parser when you are working with a static code analyzer like PMD because you are looking at code and source code
  • PMD runs locally and checks to see if your code is breaking any rules, and it is not difficult to extend
  • Others can contribute to the platform; Rob is very passionate about this project and will help contributors get up and running
  • PMD uses XML to help developers write their own rules which can be tested and then contributed if developers would like to do so


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