This week Dan Harrison, a master technical architect with Salesforce’s Emerging Technology team, joins us to talk about Salesforce Blockchain.

What is blockchain? It is a rapidly progressing technology often considered a part of cryptocurrency. The core technology is actually known as digital ledger. In this episode, Dan walks us through what exactly that means.

Blockchain and digital ledger technology is not technology we are waiting for the future to use. This technology is getting put into production right now. Dan also shares implementation of the Salesforce blockchain into the Salesforce concept, how developers can interact with it and some examples for customer use. All that and more on this episode of the Salesforce Developer Podcast.

Show highlights

  • Blockchain explained: what it is and how it works
  • Dan walks us through a theoretical example of using digital ledger
  • The minimal viable network – the people who are really important to be part of the blockchain story
  • Blockchain and digital ledger: the future is now
  • Salesforce Blockchain, an exciting new way to take a Salesforce concept and create what we now refer to as distributed objects to be shared across multiple Salesforce environments or across multiple nodes
  • How can developers interact with Salesforce Blockchain
  • Examples for people using the Salesforce Blockchain technology


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