On this episode, we are pleased to welcome Jessica Murphy to the show. We talk about Jessica’s journey into discovering development with Salesforce and the influence others have had on those experiences, as well as sharing those experiences with Salesforce Saturdays. She is a co-conspirator of Salesforce Saturdays in Phoenix since 2015 with two other women with the goal of helping other developers find success.

Salesforce Saturdays occur around the country in various coffee shops and sometimes office locations, as a casual environment to educate and empower people. Their success stories are amazing, as some people have attended Salesforce Saturdays and then gone on to accomplish their goals. They also encourage people to give back. For example, they had an attendee come back to hire others at a Salesforce Saturday when he was looking for employees. There are always new people who want to learn Salesforce, so it is an exciting environment, and all are welcome. Just come – you don’t need any special qualifications! The door is open for you to join a Salesforce Saturday near you.

Show highlights

  • Jessica’s journey to becoming a woman in technology
  • The profound influence education has had on her life and the confidence it has given her
  • Introduction to Trailhead and how it ties into your commitment to making yourself better
  • The opportunities presented through Salesforce that have had an amazing impact on Jessica
  • People learn things different ways, so there are various hurdles to learning Salesforce
  • The evolution, impact and growth of Trailhead and all the options available that it is supporting
  • Ways you can participate in Salesforce Saturday. Your help is valuable! Everyone is a leader in this group setting and we support each other


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