It is our pleasure to have Fabien Taillon on this episode of the Salesforce Developer Podcast. Fabien is a Salesforce MVP and the Chief Technical Officer at Texeï in France. We talk to him about taking a critical application from Aura and porting it to Lightning Web Components (LWC). Fabien discusses his experiences as he transitioned to this new programming model.

His company needed a timesheet application and they were all Salesforce developers, so they decided to build it directly in Salesforce. As JavaScript was not his background, this was a learning experience for him — and one he saw as an important step in moving forward with Salesforce. In this episode, Fabien presents why he wanted to switch over to LWC, his company’s success with getting this critical application running on the platform, and how he has instructed his developers to proceed in the future. You’ll hear all about Fabien’s experience on this episode of the Salesforce Developer Podcast.

Show highlights

  • How Fabien’s company recognized a need for a new component and decided to build it directly in Salesforce
  • His experience working with JavaScript for the first time
  • About Salesforce’s launch of Lightning Web Components and how they looked at and embraced web standards so they would ensure this would be helpful for developers
  • The differences and similarities between Aura and Lightning Web Components
  • Fabien’s strategy to roll out two different versions of the application and why he chose to run them in parallel
  • Fabien’s Salesforce DX plugin and its benefits
  • The direction Fabien gave to his developers after his experience with LWC


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