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Today on the Salesforce Developers Podcast, I am happy to host Adam Rodenbeck, an accessibility specialist. Listen in as we talk about accessibility design and Adam’s journey to his dream job at Salesforce. Adam, who is blind himself, has professionally always been involved in either testing, developing, or designing systems for accessibility. 

Together we discuss what exactly accessibility specialists do at Salesforce. Adam says they are like consultants as they work with the design process of Salesforce’s releases each year. In the beginning of a release, they work with the designers on their particular clouds on what’s going to be new. These specialists like to steer everybody from the start to reuse components that have been designed with accessibility in mind (i.e. Lightning Web Components). Our conversation also focuses on other applications and languages and their roles related to accessibility. Listen to this episode for an interesting conversation with Adam, and for some neat details on the sport of “Beep Baseball!”

Show highlights

  • How Salesforce makes Dreamforce friendly and accessible
  • Adam’s journey from working with Salesforce to working with Salesforce
  • What the job of accessibility specialist actually does
  • What ARIA is and how it holds up today
  • Adam’s views about Flash applications
  • Symantec HTML and their roles that are built-in
  • Where a developer should go if they want to get into the details of accessibility design
  • What the future holds for accessibility design
  • Details on the fascinating sport of “Beep Baseball”


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