It was great to have a conversation with my former boss and colleague Dave Carroll, now a Senior Director of Product Management for the Salesforce DX team. Dave shares his passion for the developers on the platform and for the developer experience.  With his former role running Developer Evangelism at Salesforce, Dave is no stranger when it comes to using Salesforce to create innovative solutions for developers. He was responsible for the AJAX toolkit which gave the platform extensive capabilities with JavaScript back in the Visualforce days.

Listen in as we talk about how the CLI operates within the larger Salesforce developer experience and where Dave would like to see this experience evolve for our customers. We also discuss the role of administrators in the development process. You will hear Dave’s views of the core libraries and their amazing level of power and flexibility along with how it all is maintained.

Show highlights

  • How the CLI operates within the larger Salesforce developer experience
  • What oclif is and what it does
  • The plug-in Dave would love to see
  • The role of administrators in perspective to the Salesforce CLI 
  • Where the administrator’s role is in the development cycle  
  • The need for administrators to be aware of what is being consumed by developers and other administrators so they have confidence


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