I am thrilled to have Daniel Ballinger on the show this week. He is a Salesforce MVP and Senior .NET and Salesforce Developer at FuseIT. Daniel and I crossed paths when I was running the IoT Zone for Dreamforce and we wanted to up our robotics game a bit. That is when I came across the Self-Driving Astro and knew the project would be a delight for our audience. Today we talk about the origins and designs for that project and more.  

For instance, Dan talks about his involvement with a project using quad copters to track animal populations for the Department of Conservation.  We also laughed about his near soaking from the Cat Turret. Finally, Dan tells us about his Self-Driving Astro and his ideas about sending Astro into space. We cover how Dan integrates his hardware systems with Salesforce and how that integration helps with planning and tracking. You don’t want to miss this one. Listen in to learn more. 

Show highlights

  • The importance of keeping it simple
  • Where Dan finds his inspiration
  • Tying it all back to Salesforce
  • Overcoming challenges 


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