On this episode of the Salesforce Developer Podcast, we are talking about hardware, software and what it takes to run a successful team. My guest is Qingqing Liu, a principal mobile architect at Salesforce. Over the last seven years she has been involved with the vast majority of any public-facing mobile application we have released. 

Today Qingqing discusses the goal of providing the best experience for the user through staying ahead of two different trends: where Salesforce is heading as a company from the business side and where the mobile industry is heading on the technology side. Listen in as we discuss key elements of team leadership and her insights about successful mobile development. 

Show highlights

  • Tips on team leading and having a vision with regard to technology agnostics
  • The Einstein Analytics application and its challenges
  • The user experiences of Einstein Voice and Trailhead
  • What gesture-based navigation would look like
  • How Salesforce empowers developers through SDKs and APIs to provide quality apps for customers with consistency in coding and quality
  • The steps to becoming a mobile developer and understanding user expectations
  • Artificial intelligence and where it is headed as the next big trend
  • New technologies and development languages 


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