In today’s episode, I sit down with Skip Sauls, the Senior Director of Product Management for Einstein Analytics. We talked about a wide variety of topics, including the recent acquisition of Tableau and what it has been like integrating Einstein Analytics with them.  Skip also shares some of the unique challenges of working with large datasets and how a new license may help ISV’s get on board with Analytics.

Whether you are a long term data dev or have only focused on Apex, this chat with Skip will help you understand developing with Einstein Analytics.

Show Highlights:

  • The different kinds of analytics for non-technical users of Salesforce.
  • The touchpoints that allow for easy integration.
  • What an analytics template is and how it works.
  • The challenges analytics and metadata present to the Salesforce cycle.
  • The typical persona of an analytics data developer.
  • What skills are useful in using Einstein Analytics.
  • The new embedded license they are releasing.


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