Today’s show is going to be a little different. Julián Duque, a Lead Developer Advocate at Salesforce, is taking over the host chair. He interviews Jonathan Jenkins, the Senior Regional Success Architect here at Salesforce.

In their conversation, they discuss Salesforce functions. They also get into Jonathan’s path to working for Salesforce which actually began with electrical engineering and hacking. Tune in to learn from Jonathan’s many insights into functions and more.

Show Highlights:

  • What Jonathan’s current role at Salesforce is like.
  • The advantages of the advocate role for customers and the future of products.
  • What Salesforce functions are and how they save developers loads of work and time.
  • What Elastic Compute is.
  • The benefits that elasticity provides to Salesforce customers who are doing computations.
  • Examples of ways you can use Salesforce functions on your products.
  • How Salesforce functions allow a wider range of people to work on the Salesforce platform and on its projects.
  • How Salesforce functions provide a great opportunity to learn new languages.
  • How to get started using Salesforce functions.


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