Ian Varley is a Principal Architect here at Salesforce. He joined us a while back on the podcast to talk about Salesforce architecture. We had to edit that conversation down so much that I wanted to bring it back and share it in full with all of you. We’ll split it up into two episodes over the course of two weeks.

In today’s segment, Ian and I discuss his long history, experience, and knowledge with Salesforce. More than anything, we get into his experience with the inner workings of Salesforce CRM and multi-tenant architecture. 

Tune in to hear his rich thoughts on all of this and more.

Show Highlights:

  • How Ian got interested in computers.
  • Why people with music backgrounds are often so good at code.
  • How Ian came to work at the core engineering team at Salesforce.
  • What the architecture platform was like when Ian joined Salesforce.
  • What multi-tenancy is.
  • How grouping individual software services within Salesforce works.
  • All of the things that multi-tenant service providers take care of for customers.
  • What microservices are.
  • The benefits of monoliths.
  • What Salesforce Core includes.


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