Lisa White is a Software Engineer over at TaskRay. Over the years, Lisa has tried out a variety of careers and had to make many career decisions. Throughout her experiences, she learned JavaScript and eventually found her way to TaskRay.

In this episode, I sit down with Lisa to talk about her journey. She tells us the story of how she got into software engineering, learned JavaScript, and developed her career from there. She also gives some great advice for those who are junior developers looking to get into this field. 

Show Highlights:

  • How Lisa got exposed to tech and Salesforce.
  • Why her career shift felt like an identity shift.
  • Her experience with Hack Reactor.
  • How she morphed her JavaScript and React skills into Apex and LWC.
  • Advice for junior developers.
  • What made her want to talk about Javascript and date time at Dreamforce.
  • Why third party data libraries are so helpful.
  • Tips for those who want to get onstage at Dreamforce.


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