Prettier Code Formatter

Prettier Code Formatter

Currently, Prettier supports Apex, Aura, and Lightning Web Components (LWC) as well as standard file formats like .json, .md, .html, and .js.

Using Prettier for Apex, Aura, and LWC requires some configuration.

  1. If you don’t already have a package.json in your project, run: npm init
    You can accept all the defaults.

  2. Install Prettier by running: npm install --save-dev --save-exact prettier prettier-plugin-apex

  3. Create a Prettier configuration file called .prettierrc, in the root of your project, with the following content.

    NOTE: The "trailingComma": "none" setting is required for Aura.

      "trailingComma": "none",
      "overrides": [
          "files": "**/lwc/**/*.html",
          "options": { "parser": "lwc" }
          "files": "*.{cmp,page,component}",
          "options": { "parser": "html" }
  4. If you’d like to further customize Prettier, add other config options.

  5. Install the Prettier extension for VS Code.

  6. If you want to ensure that all your files are formatted, enable the setting editor.formatOnSave in VS Code. For information about configuring your settings, see User and Workspace Settings in the Visual Studio Code docs.

  7. Apex Prettier runs slower than most other formatters. In some cases formatting will not succeed because VS Code will time out the operation after 500ms. In order to ensure Apex code has enough time to format your documents we recommend changing the VS Code settings as follows.

      "editor.formatOnSaveTimeout": 5000

If you want to format your files each time that you commit changes to your Git repository, set up a Git hook.

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