Linting provides errors about malformed code while you edit. VS Code enforces Salesforce’s ESLint rules.


The active LTS release of Node.js built with SSL support.


  1. If you created an SFDX project using the force:project:create command, the project may contain a package.json file with the ESLint plugin already included. Open package.json and verify that it contains the following:

    "scripts": {
        "lint": "npm run lint:lwc",
        "lint:lwc": "eslint force-app/main/default/lwc"
  2. If your package.json does not contain the above lint commands, run npm install @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc eslint@5 -D.

  3. To start linting, run npm run lint:lwc. You must have components in your project in order to run this command.

  4. If you don’t have a package.json file, copy this file and save it in your project. Then, run npm install.

  5. Check whether you have .eslintignore and .eslintrc.json files included in your project.

    • If you have .eslintrc.json, add the following line to the file.

        "extends": ["@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended"]
    • If your project doesn’t have either file, copy the files to your project from the project templates Github repository.

Configure Linting Rules

ESLint includes three configuration levels. The default level is @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended.

To change the configuration level, edit this line in the .eslintrc.json file.

  "extends": ["@salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended"]
  • @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/base This configuration prevents common pitfalls with Lightning Web Components and enforces other Salesforce platform restrictions.

  • @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/recommended This configuration prevents common Javascript pitfalls and enforces all best practices.

  • @salesforce/eslint-config-lwc/extended This configuration restricts the use of some Javascript language features that are sometimes slow in older browsers, such as IE11. To support new Javascript syntax and language features on an older browser, the Lightning Web Components compiler transforms the Lightning Web Components modules.

For more details on the linting rules and using them individually, see the ESLint Plugin Github repository.

Add Additional Scripts

The "scripts" section of package.json includes some scripts already pre-configured to run ESLint. To add your own, see the npm documentation.

See Also

For more information about configuring ESLint, see the ESLint User Guide.

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