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Adopting Salesforce DX

Join us to learn about bringing Salesforce DX into your development organization -- from adding just the tools you want and need, to re-imagining your entire application lifecycle with Salesforce DX.

Advanced Lightning Components

You know how to build basic Lightning Components but want to get to the next level? This session is for you! Join us in this session to learn how to reuse code between components, how to use popular third party libraries, how to cache data efficiently, how to build for performance, and more!

  • Theme: Apps & Architecture
  • Role: Developer
  • Product: Lightning

An Introduction to Lightning Communities and Community Builder

Communities gives you a whole new way to leverage the power of your CRM, enabling customers, partners, and employees to access your Salesforce data and business processes, in an engaging, branded experience. Join us to learn how to use Lightning components, themes, CMS Connect, and Community Builder to create a custom digital experience.

Auto-Machine Learning: The Magic Behind Einstein

The Machine Learning behind Salesforce Einstein is not magic. It's a science (math & statistics), where we build models by generalizing examples. There is also some black art to producing good models. Join us for a deep dive into Salesforce Einstein's AutoML library, written in Scala and running on top of Spark. It automates the creation of machine learning models for each Salesforce customer in a multi-tenant way so that it scales to thousands of customers, without the need of data scientists to build and optimize each of those models. We'll go under the hood and learn how Einstein simplifies the creation of machine learning workflows.

Boost Your App's Performance with App Cache

Do you want a faster, more dependable app built on Salesforce? Platform Cache allows developers to specify what to cache and how long, no custom objects or or overloaded view state required! See how you can boost the speed and reliability of your app and improve performance with Platform Cache.

Bring Einstein's Language Skills into Your Org with Process Builder

Einstein can analyze and classify any text field in any object in Salesforce. Learn how to request that analysis using Process Builder. Use Process Builder to give feedback to Einstein when users disagree with the classification, so your model gets smarter over time. Most importantly, learn how to create custom models so that data in your org from the past can predict the future.

Build Fast and Efficient Apps With the User Interface API

Build your UI and Apps with the same API that Salesforce uses for Lightning Experience and Salesforce1. in this session, you'll learn how the User Interface API is used to create apps and web pages that respond to metadata changes and all the great declarative functions you've come to love. Additionally, you'll learn how to use the new API to create native mobile apps and custom web apps with your own branding and look-and-feel.

Catch the Release: How to Manage Salesforce's Major Releases Year-round

One of the great things about Salesforce is that we are constantly introducing new and improved features to our offerings. This great thing can also give some customers headaches, as keeping up with the latest & greatest can seem like a full time job on its own. Join us, as we discuss best practices for keeping up with changing technology and offer up tips to keep you on the cutting edge of Salesforce usage

Connect Any External Data Source With the Custom Apex Connector

The APEX Connector Framework enables developers to leverage the flexibility of Salesforce Connect to virtually integrate data from external systems. It provides powerful capabilities to develop your own custom adapter when the other available Salesforce Connect adapters aren't suitable for your needs. Join us to learn the general concepts of the APEX Connector Framework, get an introduction to upcoming and planned product features, and learn how to build a custom connector on your own.

  • Theme: Integration & APIs
  • Role: Architect, Developer
  • Product: Lightning, Apex

Deploying an Event-Driven Software Architecture with Platform Events

With the release of Platform Events in Summer '17, developers now have the necessary tooling to venture into the realm of event-driven software architecture. In this session you will get an introduction to the concept of enterprise messaging and dive into Platform Events. You will learn about their capabilities, discover use cases and get access to sample code.

Develop Visually Stunning and Personalized Lightning Communities

Join us to learn how to build the next generation of visually stunning, personalized, and engaging digital experiences to connect your customers, partners, and employees. Take control of your UI with custom theming, integrate rich content from external content management systems, and personalize your community with the audience platform and Community Builder.

Eating Our Own Trailmix: How We Build and Scaled Trailhead on Heroku

Trailhead has been built on Heroku from the start. Learn how the Trailhead team has handled explosive growth using Heroku's innovative products. We'll dive into scaling the app and team, Trailhead's release process with Pipelines, handling data, and keeping things secure with Private Spaces.

Einstein Platform Services Overview

Einstein Platform Services offer a variety of APIs to enhance your company's processes. Join us to learn the options for image recognition and object detection, or classifying text utterances based on tone and type of action. You'll get a solid understanding of what Einstein Platform is and how to use it.

  • Theme: Intelligence, Automation, Integration & APIs
  • Role: Architect, Developer, ISV
  • Product: Einstein

Introduction to Application Hub

Learn about the latest extension of Salesforce DX: Application Hub. App Hub is a user interface built atop the Salesforce DX command line interface, for managing the creation and distribution of applications and the collaborative teams who build them. Designed for Admins and Developers, App Hub will include a user interface for the Salesforce CLI, along with environment, package and release management tools. Join this session to get the inside scoop on App Hub.

Lightning Customization - Take Full Advantage of Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience gives admins a whole new set of tools to customize in ways that were not previously possible. Productivity is the key theme for Lightning Experience and we want to show you how admins and end users can become more productive than ever. In this session, we'll explore how to take advantage of Lightning Apps, Utility Bars, Lightning Pages, and more to empower admins to be super heroes.

Lightning Data Service: An Easy Way to Build Lightning Components Without Code

Lightning Data Service simplifies how you build Lightning Components. In this session, we'll show you how to take advantage of the shared record cache in Lightning Experience and Salesforce to build faster Lightning Components that don't require Apex Controllers. You'll see how Lightning Data Service handles sharing, FLS, and access rights, so you don't have to.

The Future of Salesforce Security and Authentication

Join us to learn how to enable the best security in a way that will have your users thanking you. Be the first to learn about the next-gen features and functionality of Salesforce Authenticator 3.0, and the all-new Mobile First Experience. Redesigned to add even more security to your organization with enhanced user experience, Salesforce Authenticator 3.0 will change the game. We'll walk you through a step-by-step demonstration and highlight the new value-adds. We take your security as seriously as you do - let us show you the future.

User Management Magic with Identity and Permission Sets

Permission sets make it easy to support users with access to multiple applications, multiple services, and even multiple Salesforce organizations. Identity, permission sets, external services and the new permission set groups are all designed to help you keep your org secure quickly and easily. Join us to see how to simplify your life with best practices in identity and permission management.

Visualforce in Lightning Experience

So you want to move to Lightning, but you don't know what to do about your customized Visualforce pages. In this session, you'll learn best practices and tips for getting Visualforce pages to “just work” in Lightning Experience. In addition, you'll also see how to easily style your Visualforce pages with the look of Lightning Experience.

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