It’s a week before Dreamforce 2011. The crew is putting the finishing touches on the demos, workbooks are off to the printers, and we have truck loads of new t-shirts and other schwag hanging around office. (my favorite are the hoodies!) I’ve already started upping my fresh OJ intake to make sure I can survice. This morning, I took another gander through some of the Developer sessions which you may have missed.

I posted a few sessions the other day, here are a  couple more:

Lock it Down: Secure your App – Tuesday 8/30 @ 2:30pm Dreamforce org session link

Many years ago I used to work for a large consulting company. For a brief time I worked with an internal team who were employed by clients to hack their websites looking for vulnerabilities. It was a pretty interesting experience, but the biggest thing that I walked away from my time as an ethical hacker was that security should not be an after thought.

Understanding Platform as a Service – Wednesday 8/31 @ 5:00pm Dreamforce org session link

Platform as a Service, or PaaS is one of those terms which means something different to everyone. Is it the same thing as Infrastructure as as Service, Software as a Service, or Buzzword as a Service? This session is intended to provide some insight as to what PaaS means to the developer, and you can start to take advantage of it to build innovative apps for the cloud.

Using Node.js on Heroku – Tuesday 8/30 @ 5:00pm Dreamforce org session link

I have to admit, I do not know much about Node.js. Over the past week I have been dropping by Dave’s desk to peer over his should and get a sneak peak at his presentation, and samples. I often try and attend sessions beyond my ‘normal day job’ to get  a feel of others are doing, and when I might be able to identify opportunities when a new technology makes sense. My plan is to check out this session to make sure I know when I can take advantage of Node.js

Developer Hackathon 2011! – Twitter #dfhack

Somewhere along the lines I became a Hackathon judge. I am still not sure how that happened, but this Friday we are announcing all of the details including the challenges, and prizes. The best way to stay up to date with the Hackathon is to watch the #dfhack twitter handle. This should be a lot of fun! You can also register via the Dreamforce org to attend the winners session.

Time to get your Dreamforce on!


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