Full Circle CRM is a company that’s gearing up for their third consecutive year sponsoring a booth at Dreamforce. Last year was a huge success and they are excited to be back. I spoke with Josh Rosenberg, Marketing Manager, to find out what they learned from previous year’s Dreamforce experiences and some tips for first time sponsors.

To find out more about Full Circle CRM, check out their AppExchange Listing: Marketing Campaign Analytics, Lead and Contact Management for Salesforce


What were your expectations for your Dreamforce Sponsorship last year? Did you get the results you wanted?

We expected to have great visibility and a lot of booth traffic because it was our second year as a bronze sponsor and we had launched our company and our product at Dreamforce ’12.  We got all of the results we wanted and more! Not only did we exceed all of our goals but also practically doubled all of our key metrics from Dreamforce ’12. We had more people than we could keep track of stop by our booth just through word of mouth!


  • Secure 20 demo requests
  • Acquire 150 leads as a result of booth traffic
  • Increase “buzz” around Full Circle CRM and our products


  • Secured 37 demo requests
  • Acquired 205 booth leads

What kind of team did you bring to Dreamforce? How did you divide and conquer?

We brought a diverse team of nine people to Dreamforce, mixing executives, marketing, sales, and engineering – increasing our attendance total from 2012.  All of our executives mixed going to sessions, spending time at the booth, and going around the exhibition halls to talk with other partners and check out their booths. The engineering team spent a lot of time in the Dev Zone. Our CTO, Dan Appleman, spearheaded our DevZone efforts by presenting three sessions and giving out 5,000 copies of his book on advanced APEX coding.

What was the most effective element of your sponsorship? 

Our booth itself was the most effective element of our sponsorship because it was located very near the Salesforce Marketing Cloud area and also near other large marketing automation vendors such as Marketo. Consequently, our booth had really good traffic in terms of people who were interested in measuring their marketing and looking for potential marketing analytics solutions. Because we were able to get a great booth location in 2013, our booth traffic saw a significant increase from Dreamforce ’12.

What did you do to engage your prospects and customers before Dreamforce? 

We used a similar process as in 2012 – sending out emails to our entire database inviting them to swing by our booth at Dreamforce and updating them on our latest products and company offerings. This time around, our sales team also made calls to our partners, customers, and prospects inviting them to have individual meetings with our executives and other members of the team. We were very successful setting up meetings with individual calls and set up over 20 meetings.


What’s the best advice for a first time Dreamforce Sponsor? 

Take the time to check out the other booths in the expo hall. You never know what potential partners and customers you may find with the people exhibiting. Also, if you have time, go to the keynote presentations – they are always great topics and really interesting.

One last thing, what are the top 5 reasons you are sponsoring at Dreamforce ’14?

  1. The Networking
  2. The Sponsors
  3. The Speakers
  4. The Sessions
  5. The Parties

Want to learn more about how to get involved? Check out the Dreamforce ’14 Prospectus and email us at partnersuccess@salesforce.com to connect with the sponsorship team.

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