Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Visualforce While JavaScript is an awesome general-purpose, object-oriented programming language, there’s little question that JavaScript is also one of the preeminent programming languages for building web applications. JavaScript is typically used as a client-side technology to implement rich pages with enhanced, responsive user interfaces. So when it comes to building killer UI’s, you will definitely want to consider using JavaScript in your Visualforce pages.

To help you get started, we have hand picked two webinar recordings to introduce you to building applications with JavaScript on the Salesforce1 Platform, and show you how you can use enhance your Visualforce pages using Javascript, HTML5 and CSS. Read on!

Building JavaScript Applications on the Salesforce1 Platform

In this video session, our Principal Developer Evangelist, Christophe Coenraets, demonstrates how to build engaging employee and customer-facing applications in JavaScript on top of the Salesforce1 Platform.

Christophe also explores some of the technologies involved in building these next generation applications including authentication, REST APIs, mobile development options, and different integration scenarios. Christophe also shares some inspiring examples built on the Salesforce1 Platform with leading JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Ionic, BackboneJS, Ratchet and others.

Watch it all here:

Using HTML5 and JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS with Visualforce Pages

Visualforce has come a long way with its ability to integrate with JavaScript. Developers are no longer limited to simply looping Apex functions via the actionFunction component. Additionally, since Visualforce Remote Objects are a part of the mix since this past summer release, Developers can now create fully functional HTML5 applications, without writing any Apex for basic create, read, update, delete and query functions.

Developer Evangelist, Josh Birk, and Senior Member of Technical Staff, Varun Dodl, walk you through the specific features of Visualforce that make it easy to build applications in a variety of HTML5 frameworks and libraries.

Check out the recording here:

In addition to these videos, be sure to visit the Salesforce Developers JavaScript resource page, as well as check out our upcoming Developer Events. We have some new JavaScript related webinars planned in the upcoming months, so please be on the look out!

If you’re new to Visualforce, the Visualforce Basics trail in Trailhead is the best place to start. In just a few lessons, you’ll learn how to create a Visualforce page, access a standard controller, and create forms to display records, fields and tables.

What can you do with JavaScript? We hope these helpful videos will help you unleash some great ideas! If you have any JavaScript-related questions, please post your questions on the Developer Forum or find me on Twitter.


Best Wishes,

Sonia Advani

Developer Relations

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