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Dreamforce is only a few short weeks away, and the DevZone is shaping up to be more jam packed with more hands-on content than ever before. We’ll have another awesome IoT Zone with more workshops, tactile demos, and several real IoT use cases in both Salesforce and everyday life.  We’ll have luminary speakers in the theaters talking about growing developers and inclusion, and also in workshops in the breakout rooms about career development. We’ll have more quick starts, mini-hacks, a newly reinvented library, IoT Zone, AdminZone, and an IT Command Center… Last but certainly not least, Trailhead will be integrated into the entire DevZone to make it even more fun and easy to level up as a developer. (BTW Get your #DF15 badge today!) I am very excited to announce that the Hands-On Workshop program is back by popular demand, and we’ve got a ton of new content for you based off of your feedback from last year!

What’s in store for Hands-On Workshops?

This is the 2nd year we’ll be bringing back the Hands-On Workshop (HOW) program. Hands-On workshops are 1-2 hour workshops where you can get hands-on with a specific Salesforce technology, many are being lead by our MVP community, and almost all of our workshops are powered by projects in Trailhead. Bring your laptops and get hands-on with experts in the room to help answer questions during the workshop. We’ll have workshops on Lightning Component development, enterprise node architectures and microservices, the future of JavaScript development with ECMA Script6, building Microsoft Office Add-Ins with Salesforce, and a few workshops on new technologies I’m not allowed to mention yet!

Look for the Hands-On Workshops in Agenda Builder today! If they are full, don’t let that stop you from showing up, because we reserve a large chunk of seats for walk-ins, so if you see something you’re interested in, please come by! If you won’t be at Dreamforce, look for the new workshop content up in Trailhead projects end of September!

Pro-tip: Search “Hands-On Workshop” to get the full list of HOWs

What’s the difference between a HOW and a HOT (Hands-On Training)?

HOWs are run by developer relations, and first and foremost are meant to make learning how to build an app accessible and fun. HOWs are not part of the HOT program run by the Salesforce Training team, though we are huge fans of the HOT program. We are looking forward to hosting several developer HOTs side by side with the HOWs in Moscone West this year!

We run all of our workshops out of free Developer Edition orgs so you can keep it forever. Unlike HOTs that provide machines, HOWs are BYOL, so make sure you don’t forget your laptop! We’ll provide the wifi. We also plan to run any content that can be tested by Trailhead out of Trailhead, so there will be a few new projects being added to the site just before Dreamforce. Finally, the workshops are primarily community lead (with the exception of any new announcement workshops) so you can get real insights from developers just like you about how they build apps themselves.

We can’t wait to share this new content with you at DF! If you or any of your colleagues can’t make it to SF, look for it in Trailhead.

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