In the Summer 15 Salesforce release the much anticipated feature Platform Encryption, bringing native encryption at rest of data and files went live. But not everywhere! For  developers firing up a new Developer Edition org based in EMEA (on the eu5 instance) hoping to try it out, there was some disappointment. It turns out there was a delay in enabling the UK data center with the new hardware security modules that support the strong encryption that the feature offers. Customers already running on the same instance would have found the same limitation.

In my webinar with product manager Assaf Ben-Gur last month, we spoke of this and offered a work around.

But no longer!

As of today, the HSMs are enabled and platform encryption has been turned on. This means going forward any orgs running on any of the euX instances will support this feature in all of its button-click-easy loveliness.

Platform Encryption in eu5

Platform Encryption Arrives in eu5 Instance. Generate your first tenant secret to get started.

So if you haven’t had a chance, sign up for a new org on eu5. Right now all new orgs in EMEA are spinning up on eu5, so just make sure you select a country in the EMEA region.

And if you’re wondering what all the buzz is about with Platform Encryption, or if you are working on a project where you think you might want to use strong encryption at rest of data and files with minimal impact to platform functionality, watch the recording of our webinar or download the technical white paper and learn about how this feature might benefit you.

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