Lightning Web Components. What is this elusive trio of words you keep hearing about? Well, it’s only one of the greatest innovations Salesforce has released for developers! Lightning Web Components (LWC) is a new programming model for building Lightning components. As we announced during our Lightning Web Components Global Broadcast, we’ve organized Global Developer Week to empower our Trailblazer Community to utilize Lightning Web Components.

What is Global Developer Week?

From January 28 through March 8, 2019, 150+ Trailblazer Community Groups in 30+ countries will be hosting Global Developer Week meetings to empower their local community to learn about one of the biggest breakthroughs for Salesforce developers: Lightning Web Components.

Attend to learn

We’re so excited that Community Group Leaders have been clamoring to share Lightning Web Components with more than 5,000 developers and admins who code. These amazing volunteers plan meetings for Trailblazers in their area so everyone can learn about Lightning Web Components through expertly curated presentations, demos, and videos. This presentation material has been built by none other than two of our fave Developer Evangelists, René Winkelmeyer and Zayne Turner. Attending a Global Developer Week meeting is the best place to learn straight from the source and get your questions answered by other developers like you. Some cities such as Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hyderabad, London, Singapore, and San Francisco are extra excited to host Salesforce Product Managers and Developer Evangelists! They will present the material and be available for in-person Q&A.

While the content is created for developers, you don’t necessarily have to be a Salesforce developer to attend. However, be aware presenters will dive into code. Whether you’re thinking about diving into development or have been coding for years, check it out as there’s something for everyone!

Attend to earn

We’re guessing anyone who’s been earning badges on Trailhead is always up to earn even more of them! Global Developer Week attendees will have the opportunity to earn a limited edition Lightning Web Components badge. By following and completing the Get Started with Lightning Web Components trailmix, you’ll add this shiny new badge to your profile. Attendees have until February 28, 2019 to complete the steps of the trailmix in order to qualify.

Additionally, for every trailmix badge earned till February 28th, $20 USD will be donated to Per Scholas, a nonprofit organization that opens doors to careers in technology for underserved communities (Up to a total of $20k). So badges you earn will go towards giving back!

Attend to connect

At Global Developer Week, you’ll be able to connect with others, all united under one common goal: to succeed together. By attending a meeting, you’re welcomed into the Trailblazer Community Group Ohana. You’ll meet people who live in your city, work in similar roles or industries, and share your interests (earning badges and learning)! Global Developer Week meetings are run and hosted by Trailblazers who are just super into what you can do with the Salesforce platform! There are often networking opportunities sprinkled throughout the meeting agendas. Who knows, you might just meet your next friend or coworker!

Attend to have fun

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trailblazer Community Group meeting if there wasn’t fun involved! At Global Developer Week meetings, there’ll be a bunch of opportunities to earn limited edition LWC swag. We’re talking extra soft blankets, duffel bags, and Codey figurines! Attendees will also go home with LWC stickers to add to their collection (Don’t have a collection yet? Now is a good time to introduce you to Salesforce’s Growing Sticker Addiction).

Global Developer Week meetings will help you learn about Lightning Web Components through great content (including a trailmix) and with your Developer Ohana. They’re excellent opportunities to network and they’re fun! We hope you can join us for your local meeting – find one and RSVP to Global Developer Week now.

See you there!

About the author

Sofía Rodriguez Mata is a Community Manager for the Trailblazer Community. She is also a Global Vice President of Latinoforce, an Ohana Group at Salesforce. She’s passionate about educating, empowering, and enabling the Salesforce community to succeed.

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