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Developer features in Winter ’22

Salesforce’s Winter ’22 release brings exciting new features for developers. Here are a few highlights:

We’ve completed the Slack acquisition, which opens a whole new world of possibilities for developers. You can start building amazing integrations with Salesforce and Slack to make your processes more effective.

There are a couple of features that are reaching the Generally Available (GA) status in Winter ’22, such as SOQL Query Builder. In addition, Salesforce Functions is scheduled to become GA during this period.

Winter ’22 release includes some features in Developer Preview mode. This means that the feature is pretty stable, but it may change slightly — you can use it at your own risk. One of the developer preview features is light DOM for Lightning Web Components OSS (tip: instead of using shadow DOM!). Activate light DOM to let tools like Google Analytics penetrate into the DOM of your components, as well as to let CSS cascading affect your component’s styling if needed. The ability to call Invocable Actions from Apex is also in Developer Preview, and it can only be used in scratch orgs for now.

There is also a new Beta feature that you’re going to love. Lightning Web Security (opt-in beta) is the new client-side security architecture for Lightning Web Components. It has fewer restrictions and more functionality than Lightning Locker, providing strong, flexible security. For instance, with Lightning Web Security, you’ll be able to import components from other namespaces and interact with global objects. Salesforce CLI Unification is now also in Beta.

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About the author

Alba Rivas works as a Principal Developer Advocate at Salesforce. She focuses on Lightning Web Components and Lightning adoption strategy. You can follow her on Twitter @AlbaSFDC.

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