Today, we are excited to announce the global availability of Salesforce Functions. Now, customers can deploy their custom, high-compute, business logic code built using Salesforce Functions to the region of their choice. This makes it easier than ever for development teams to meet their security and regulatory requirements as they build applications that power customer experiences and focus on delivering business value — all while staying within the Salesforce trust boundary.

With this update, developers will experience decreased latency. Now, your workloads can connect to a region outside the United States and be processed in that same region of choice. There will be no change to the developer experience of Salesforce Functions itself.

We will be supporting the following regions for Salesforce Functions.

Name Location Availability
Virginia Virginia, United States Current (default)
Dublin Dublin, Ireland January 2023
Frankfurt Frankfurt, Germany January 2023
Oregon Oregon, United States January 2023
Sydney Sydney, Australia January 2023
Tokyo Tokyo, Japan January 2023

Please note that Salesforce Functions is already interoperable with Hyperforce and Government Cloud Plus orgs. Global availability allows you to now run functions in these products within the geographic region of your choice.

Get started today

We are excited to extend the available regions for Salesforce Functions so customers can leverage our platform to deliver solutions and increase their time to value while maintaining regulatory requirements. You can even get started without a license using our local development experience to auto-connect to your scratch or sandbox orgs. Please contact your account executive to get started with Salesforce Functions in a region of your choice.

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Vivek Viswanathan is a Director of Product Management for Platform Elastic Services at Salesforce. He has more than a decade of experience with the Salesforce ecosystem, and his primary focus for the past few years has been scaleable architecture and Salesforce Functions. You can follow him on LinkedIn.

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