Authorization Scopes Catalog

  • The scope pattern is {{cloud}}.{{value}}[.rw].
  • Scope represent a use-case-specific permission and may cover multiple endpoints.
  • A scope that ends with .rw always includes the read-only rights of a scope that does not end with .rw.
ScopeAPI FamilyPurpose
sfcc.catalogsProductRead catalog information.
sfcc.catalogs.rwProductUpdate, delete, and create catalogs.
sfcc.cdn-zonesCDN ZonesRead information related to CDN Zones.
sfcc.cdn-zones.rwCDN ZonesCreate, read, update, and delete information related to CDN Zones.
sfcc.customerlistsCustomerRead customer list associated with a site.
sfcc.customerlists.rwCustomerCreate, read, update, and delete customer lists associated with a site. gift certificates., update, or delete gift certificates.
  • Getting Availability.
  • Account Manager Authentication.
  • Updating Availability.
  • Account Manager Authentication.
  • Location Graph Exports.
  • Account Manager Authentication.
  • Inventory Exports.
  • Account Manager Authentication.
  • Inventory Imports.
  • Account Manager Authentication.
  • Getting Reservation Information.
  • Account Manager Authentication.
  • Updating Reservations.
  • Account Manager Authentication.
sfcc.ordersCheckoutList and view orders from a management perspective.
sfcc.orders.rwCheckoutUpdate an existing order, for example, with a status update.
sfcc.productsProductRead products assigned to a catalog.
sfcc.products.rwProductCreate, read, update, and delete products from a catalog.
sfcc.promotionsPricingView assignments.
sfcc.promotionsPricingView campaigns.
sfcc.promotionsPricingView coupons.
sfcc.promotionsPricingView promotions.
sfcc.promotions.rwPricingCreate, update, or delete assignments.
sfcc.promotions.rwPricingCreate, update, or delete campaigns.
sfcc.promotions.rwPricingCreate, update, or delete coupons.
sfcc.promotions.rwPricingCreate, update, or delete promotions.
sfcc.pwdless_loginShopper LoginAllow users with an eCom profile to request a token by email that can be used to log in without a password even when their identity provider (Salesforce) is unavailable.
sfcc.session_bridgeShopper LoginAllow session bridging.
sfcc.shopper-baskets-ordersCheckoutView only baskets and orders from an end-user perspective (shopper).
sfcc.shopper-baskets-orders.rwCheckoutAllow the client app to update an order, with additional information such as shipping or tax information.
sfcc.shopper-categoriesProductRead categories to be displayed on a storefront for shoppers.
sfcc.shopper-context.rwShopper ContextManager Shopper Context.
sfcc.shopper-customers.loginCustomerLog in a shopper.
sfcc.shopper-customers.registerCustomerRegister a shopper.
sfcc.shopper-discovery-searchDiscoveryEnables Einstein-powered product search and suggestions
sfcc.shopper-experienceShopper ExperienceRead pages created in Page Designer.
sfcc.shopper-gift-certificatesPricingView gift certificates from a shopper perspective.
sfcc.shopper-myaccountCustomerRead all data in a shopper account.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.addressesCustomerRead shopper addresses.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.addresses.rwCustomerCreate, read, update, and delete addresses in a shopper account.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.basketsCustomerRead a shopper’s baskets.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.ordersCustomerRead a shopper’s orders.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.paymentinstrumentsCustomerRead a shopper’s payment instruments.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.paymentinstruments.rwCustomerCreate, read, update, and delete payment instruments in a shopper account.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.productlistsCustomerRead wishlists associated with a shopper account.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.productlists.rwCustomerCreate, read, update, and delete wishlists associated with a shopper account.
sfcc.shopper-myaccount.rwCustomerCreate, read, update, and delete all data in a shopper account.
sfcc.shopper-product-searchShopper SearchEnables search for products and product suggestions.
sfcc.shopper-productlistsCustomerRead public product lists or wishlists.
sfcc.shopper-productsProductRead products merchandized and available to be sold on a particular site.
sfcc.shopper-promotionsPricingView promotions from a shopper perspective.
sfcc.shopper-seoShopper SEOView SEO-related information.
sfcc.shopper-storesShopper StoresEnables you to search for, and obtain details on stores.
sfcc.source-codesPricingView source codes.
sfcc.source-codes.rwPricingCreate, update, or delete source codes.
sfcc.ta_ext_on_behalf_ofShopper LoginCall trusted agent endpoints.
sfcc.ts_ext_on_behalf_ofShopper LoginCall trusted system endpoints.

Here’s an example set of scopes required for a shopping application (like a PWA Kit storefront):