B2C Commerce Solutions for Insurance


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Consumer trends and new technology advances have brought disruptive change, and accelerated digital adoption across virtually all industries. In insurance, shoppers are increasingly looking for ways to connect digitally and directly for Property & Casualty offerings. The insurance industry has also evolved rapidly with carriers starting to take a digital-first mindset along with the rise of new InsurTech companies. A digital solution can provide the foundation for a better consumer experience, alongside efficiencies in the current insurance industry model.

Today, everyone expects to buy products and services online. The same is true in the insurance segment, as shoppers say they prefer to shop for insurance directly instead of going through an agent. As a result, 40% of insurers expect to increase investment in digitalization in 2021 and beyond. Taking insurance direct-to-consumer (D2C), is only one channel. Insurers also want to have a single view of their shopper, extending into customer support, along with agent and call center channels, and into marketing engagements. Only Salesforce can provide an integrated experience with best-in-class tools that developers can use to speed new consumer focused channels to market fast.

The B2C Commerce Toolkit for Insurance brings together the power of Salesforce Industries, Commerce, and Marketing solutions to help insurers harness technology that optimizes their digital channels. Insurers can launch secure, scalable, and personalizable storefronts that host direct quote-to-buy capabilities that are deeply integrated with Salesforce Industries. An insurance shopper can land on the storefront, receive quotes for multiple insurance products, add quotes to their cart, and purchase the policies online—all from their preferred device. The toolkit provides an integrated consumer buying journey. If the shopper abandons their cart, providers can reach them in other digital channels and allow the shopper to retrieve their quote to bind the policy online. Agents and service representatives can also view the shopper’s account, quotes, and policies in Salesforce Insurance, ensuring a personalized agent followup.

Salesforce powers a digital-first, 360-degree solution.

  • Consumer Experience: A digital consumer looking for an insurance quote lands on a provider’s web page and browses for a solution on the home and product pages. The shopper begins a quote online and adds the quote to the cart. They also complete another quote for a different product and add that product to the cart. The shopper checks out with a multi-product cart, creating multiple policies with the insurer.
  • Insurer Licensed Representative Experience: If a shopper abandons the online quote and calls in to the insurer call center, the licensed representative can open the quote in Salesforce Industries and bind the policy offline.
  • Insurer: As the shopper is browsing and adding insurance products to the cart, the insurer can show them related non-insurance products from partners for purchase. For example, the insurer can show home automation devices with a home policy, or pet food and products for a pet policy. The insurer can also use Commerce Cloud’s native analytics to observe shopping trends, policies bound, and other critical digital metrics.

Top B2C Commerce features:

  • Secure, scalable, and personalizable B2C Commerce Storefront Reference Architecture (mobile-first)
  • Cart and checkout capabilities
  • Tracking and retargeting integrations
  • Page Designer: clicks, not-code WYSIWYG editor
  • Multiple and localized site management
  • SEO optimization
  • Einstein Product Recommendations
  • Headless APIs to extend commerce services to shopper touchpoints
  • Marketing Cloud integration for cart abandonment email targeting

Top Salesforce Industries features:

  • Quote-to-bind OmniScript
  • Product model and rating engine
  • Quotes, contracts, and assets (policies)
  • Data Raptors
  • Integration Procedures

Top Marketing Cloud features:

  • Journey Builder
  • Event triggering emails
  • Email templates

The B2C Commerce Toolkit for Insurance is a free Salesforce Community solution offered as an unmanaged package. With this toolkit, you can access the full power of the Salesforce developer community, such as from shared code enhancements, and contribute to the toolkit yourself. This toolkit is built with the best-in-class capabilities of B2C Commerce Cloud, Salesforce Industries, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Providers can customize, brand, and stand up their storefront on B2C Commerce Cloud and a platform-as-a-service (PaaS), such as Heroku, using a suite of B2C Commerce Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) GitHub plugins and assets. Products, pricing, and quoting OmniScripts are configured on Salesforce Industry Cloud. The catalog containing the top-level products is then published to B2C Commerce Cloud. The high-scale storefront is built with a combination of out-of-the-box SFRA, Commerce platform capabilities, and Salesforce Industry Cloud’s insurance-specific capabilities. To deploy the toolkit on your demo environment, you need SFRA Extension cartridges deployed on a Commerce Cloud environment and Vlocity Managed package (Fall ’20 release) installed on the Salesforce Org. B2C Commerce licensing and professional services aren't included as part of the toolkit, which is provided under the BS-3-Clause. For full license text, see the LICENSE file in the repo root, or see the Open Source Initiative 3-Clause BSD License.

Developers can use these Salesforce resources:

  • Build on the Salesforce Commerce Platform: Enable developer tooling, sample apps, headless APIs, and best practices
  • Build with Salesforce Industries: Provide an integrated and full featured industry solution with native features.

A developer customizing this cartridge needs a Salesforce Industries license and a B2C Commerce Sandbox. A developer guide for building on Salesforce Commerce Cloud will be published to Github shortly.

  1. An anonymous insurance shopper clicks through a digital ad and lands on the insurer’s homepage.
  2. After browsing product information, the shopper decides to get an auto insurance quote.
  3. The shopper enters details about them, their vehicles, and drivers in their households, and then receives a quoted premium.
  4. After adjusting coverages to meet their needs, the shopper proceeds to add the quote to the cart.
  5. The shopper is shown recommendations for related products that they can add to the cart.
  6. The shopper adds another related product to the cart, but then abandons the cart before completing their purchase.
  7. The shopper receives an email to remind them of their quote and details on how to retrieve it. Alternatively, the shopper can be retargeted in a social channel, such as Facebook or Instagram.
  8. The shopper retrieves the quote, continues to bind the policy, and then purchases the related products online.
  9. An account, quote, and policy is created in Salesforce Industries so that all the information about the policy and policyholder acquired digitally is available to the service rep for post-sale servicing.

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