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Consumer Solution for Manufacturing


Reimagining commerce is the new business imperative for manufacturers. Why? Twofold. Manufacturers are adopting digital B2B channels for business transactions, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO), and improving direct sales team efficiency. They also want to bring products and services directly to their consumers. For manufacturers, B2B Commerce can offer an efficient buying channel for business customers, partners, and distributors. With B2B Commerce, companies can offer product discovery and research, ordering, payments, invoicing, returns, and case management, all while the sales and service teams view and guide their customers’ digital journey. For a consumer offering, a B2C-rich online storefront, with AI-powered merchandising, cart, and checkout, as well as integrations across digital channels and devices, is one way to build a B2C direct-to-consumer channel.

Digital adoption continues to rise, but only one-third of manufacturers offer online purchasing capabilities. And that’s a problem because when consumers visit a manufacturer’s website, more than half of them intend to make a purchase.Also, 50% of B2B distributors predict that more than half of their clients plan to migrate to digital over the next 3 years. Data Source Offering a commerce channel, whether B2B or B2C, often improves customer satisfaction and lifetime value. Order frequencies can increase and online access to product information can create more upsell and cross sell opportunities. The solution simplifies contract pricing, custom catalogs, and empowers sales teams with automated processes and 360-degree views of the customer. Learn how to 5 Tips for Manufacturers Going Direct To Consumer. Offering a commerce channel, whether B2B or B2C often improves customer satisfaction and lifetime value. Order frequencies increase and more upsell and cross-sell opportunities arise with online access to product information. The solution simplifies contract pricing, custom catalogs, and empowers sales teams with automated processes and 360-degree views of the customer. Learn more here.

With Salesforce B2B and B2C Commerce, Commerce Cloud offers manufacturers and distributors a proven digital commerce solution with the rich experiences and capabilities to satisfy the needs of buyers.

Built for business users and designed for a smaller set of known customers, B2B Commerce makes it easy for customers to make large orders and then reorder products quickly. B2B Commerce features include:

  • Buyer accounts with curated or customized product catalogs, and negotiated and tiered pricing.
  • A digital storefront for easy browsing, search, dynamic kits, order history, and service.
  • Two-click purchasing and simple reordering.
  • Flexible payment options, including PO, ACH, and credit card, as well as order tracking.
  • Extensibility into mobile apps and touchpoints.

B2C Commerce is designed to attract a large amount of site traffic, especially during significant sales or holidays. A rich merchandising experience showcases the most relevant products, promotions, and experiences, while Connected Payments and Order Management integrates checkout, fulfillment, and shipping. With B2C Commerce, you can:

  • Launch a direct-to-consumer storefront.
  • Implement a subscriptions offering.
  • Integrate payments.
  • Extend commerce to new channels and touchpoints.
  • Connect order management and inventory.

For more information, see Salesforce Industry Solutions for Manufacturing.

Building a digital shopping experience requires a best-in-class commerce toolset that allows you to connect with shoppers anytime, anywhere. The B2C Commerce Platform toolset can help create unified, intelligent digital commerce experiences.

  • Customer contract uploading to the B2B Commerce site for buyers to reference.
  • Updated buying permissions as scope of contract is depleted.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud for an all-in-one revenue management solution.
  • Large B2B size orders with hundreds or thousands of stock-keeping units (SKUs).
  • Negotiated and account-specific pricing.
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • Configurable checkout flows
  • Integrated Sales, Service, and CMS data
  • Ecosystem
  • B2C Commerce Storefront Reference Architecture (Mobile First)
  • Multiple and Localized Site Management
  • SEO Optimization and URL Management
  • Onsite Search
  • Product Management (Price Books, Catalogs, Navigation)
  • Marketing, Campaigns, & Promotions Engine
  • Customer Profile and Account Management
  • Customer Segmentation
  • AB Testing
  • Page Designer and Content
  • Dynamic Imaging Service
  • Inventory
  • Analytics
  • Privacy Tools
  • Embedded CDN
  • Integrated Payments
  • Guided Selling
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Headless API Experience
  • AI-Driven Capabilities Powered by Einstein
    • Einstein Predictive Sort
    • Einstein Product Recommendations
    • Einstein Commerce Insights
    • Einstein Search Dictionaries
    • Einstein Search Recommendations
  • Salesforce Order Management
  • Ecosystem
  • Salesforce Marketing and Service Cloud Integration
  • Loyalty

Developers have two paths:

  • Build on the Salesforce Commerce Platform using developer tooling, sample apps, headless APIs, and best practices.
  • Launch Commerce Quick Start Commerce Solutions that provide out-of-the-box (OOTB) solutions for Direct to Consumer, Subscriptions, Channels, Grocery, Quick Service Restaurants, along with B2B Commerce. Developers can offload implementation and managed services to partners in these offerings.

Salesforce Professional Services teams help you every step of the way. With deep industry and commerce expertise, customer success experts can help plan, scope, and build your next Manufacturing project.

Launch a Commerce Quick Start Solution that provides out-of-the-box solutions for D2C and B2B use cases. Developers can offload implementation and managed services to partners in these offerings. Quick Start for Direct-to-Consumer Launch a direct-to-consumer commerce site for essential and consumer goods. Quick Start for B2B Commerce Deploy a B2B Commerce storefront for self-service ordering. Quick Start for Subscriptions Give customers an easy way to stock up on products they love. Quick Start for Channels Extend your ecommerce to new channels.