Get Started

B2B stores on Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) deliver blazing-fast digital experiences to your customers and bring you the power and flexibility of the lightweight and composable Lightning Web Components (LWC) programming model. For more information, see Lightning Web Runtime.

If your B2B storefront uses the Aura Components programming model, switch to the B2B Commerce (LWR) template. Don’t worry about recreating a store from scratch. Your investment in Aura makes migration as simple as refactoring and replacing certain UI components. To get started, see Key Differences.

When you create a store, you can select either a B2B or a B2C store template built on the LWR (Lightning Web Runtime) platform. If your org was enabled for Commerce before Spring ’23, you can also select a B2B store template built on the Aura platform. We recommend that you select the B2B LWR template for new stores and consider migrating existing B2B stores based on Aura to LWR.