Quick Start

This guide features streamlined instructions for experienced Node.js developers who want to get started with PWA Kit immediately using a demo storefront and a demo sandbox for the back end.

  • Node.js 18+ and npm 9+.
  • Apple silicon users: If you haven’t installed Rosetta already, run softwareupdate --install-rosetta.

For detailed setup instructions, see Set Up Your Local Environment.

To create a project using the Retail React App template and connect the project to the demo sandbox, open a terminal and run the following command:

This creates a directory called pwa-kit-starter-project. Open this folder in your text editor and start exploring!

To start your local web server run the following commands:

Now that the development server is running, you can open a browser and preview your storefront:

Changes made to your project files will be visible in your browser when you refresh.

To continue getting started with PWA Kit, choose one of the following guides based on your project status:

GuideProject Status
Create an On-Demand SandboxNo B2C Commerce instances created for development and testing.
Set Up API AccessAt least one B2C Commerce instance created.
Set Up Your Local EnvironmentAt least one B2C Commerce instance created and configured for API access.
Push and Deploy BundlesLocal environment setup complete.