Composable Storefront Release Notes

These release notes include updates to Progressive Web App (PWA) Kit and Managed Runtime. For release notes published before October 2023, see:

The latest PWA Kit release notes are published on the releases page on GitHub before they're published here.

  • Improve Customer Engagement with Active Data — Use Active Data in your PWA Kit site to observe product performance metrics and set automated rules for merchandising. See Active Data.
  • Validate Upcoming Site Changes with Storefront Preview — Use the Storefront Preview feature to see how your PWA Kit site will look in different contexts such as specified source code, customer groups, or a particular date or time. For example, preview your site changes in a staging environment before deploying them to production. See Storefront Preview.
  • Enhanced Integration with Commerce Cloud — When you create an environment in Runtime Admin, you can now select a Commerce Cloud instance and sites to connect to the environment. This allows for deeper integration between your Managed Runtime environments and the Commerce Cloud platform. You can also use new Managed Runtime API endpoints to manage and track your environments’ connections to Commerce Cloud instances. For more information, see this documentation: