Commerce Einstein APIs

Use Activity Tracking and Product Recommendation APIs to call Einstein Recommendations for your Salesforce Commerce B2C and B2B stores. These APIs provide access to underlying data behind Einstein Recommendations and enable modification of the front-end experience with custom Lightning web components or Aura components.

Einstein product recommendations require activity tracking data. For example, tracking the viewProduct activity provides insight into top-viewed products. The Activity Tracking API provides access to these activities for use in B2B and B2C Einstein Recommendations components.

Calls to the Product Recommendation API deliver Einstein recommendations. For Salesforce Commerce for B2C Einstein Recommendations components, the API is accessed using a wire adapter. The Product Recommendation API returns a set of products to populate the Einstein Recommendations component.

For Salesforce Commerce for B2B Einstein Recommendations components, use the Commerce Einstein Recommendations Connect REST API to select and deliver recommendations. Using the Connect REST API ensures appropriate product entitlement filtering before recommendations are delivered.

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